Introducing The Tutto Bene Wine Club

A selection of wines each month. Exclusive savings everyday!

With a membership to the Tutto Bene Wine Club you get four bottles of wine each month and a store worth or exclusive savings and events. Each month, members of the Club will be able to choose four wines from a selection of six. Giving you control over what wines you are receiving. 

The selection of wines offered will be curated by the owner of Tutto Bene with the goal being to have a mix of old favorites and new experiences that will expand your pallet. These will then also be on sale to members during the month they are featured, allowing you to stock up after trying them! 

In addition to four bottles of wine each month members get exclusive savings and offers:

  • 10% off all Craft Beer
  • 15% off cheese products
  • 15% off all specialty food items (chocolates included) 
  • $20.00 coupon off a beautiful, custom made, basket (minimum retail $120.00)

These savings are available to members everyday, and are a great way to save on items that will compliment your wine. Members will also have access to special wine tastings available exclusively to them. With these exclusive tastings you will have more chances to discover new wines and meet fellow members.

Sign up is simple. Come in to the store and will get you set-up! The Tutto Bene Wine Club costs $225 for three months of membership. Just pay once for months of access. No need to keep up with paying each month.