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Lowell Folk Festival Tasting

On the Saturday of the Lowell Folk Festival we will have two different Wine distributors in the store offering up a wide variety of flavors. We plan on having at least twelve different wines for you to sample but it is possible that there could be more! Be sure to stop by during the festivities. More info to come. 

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6:00pm 6:00pm

Wine & Wellness Event

 Join us for great conversations and simple solutions for improving your diet and health, and drink fabulous wines! Come treat yourself to a relaxing evening at Tutto Bene’s. We’ll chat about Inflammation, learn a few hints to Build Your Immune System, Lose Weight, Reduce Your Risks of diseases, Keep your Family Healthy,  And, most importantly, hang out with cool women (men, too!) and drink fabulous wine!!!  Please come share in simple solutions to improve the quality of life for your entire family with a focus on why whole food nutrition (AND GOOD WINE) is simply our best solution for getting healthier and staying that way!

To learn more visit www.LuannColombo.com.

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